California Association for Employment in Education


CAEE is a non-profit professional association whose members include California college/university career services staff and personnel administrators from school districts and educational employers. For over 70 years, CAEE has been fostering cooperation and interaction among those of us involved in the preparation and employment of new teachers. CAEE programs include an annual Northern California and Southern California Teacher Recruitment Fair, Prospective Educator Scholarship and Outstanding New Teacher Award.


CAEE provides outstanding member services to personnel administrators from school districts, educational employers and educational career services professionals from higher education institutions approved for the preparation and training of educators. Our association has been furthering cooperation between institutions of higher education and employers for more than 70 years. CAEE is a volunteer organization which relies on the participation of numerous educational employment professionals. Together we have built an organization dedicated to serving the children of California through an outstanding teaching force. Your membership support is appreciated.

CAEE Supports Teachers

CAEE is dedicated to supporting California students through a strong teaching force. The CAEE provides this support by strengthening the alliance between teacher preparation programs and the educational institutions that employ teachers through professional development, educational recruitment events, and recognizing and awarding outstanding new teachers in California. CAEE encourages new educators who are preparing to enter the profession through the Scholarship for Prospective Educators. Additionally CAEE recognizes first-year teachers in California for their unique and creative contributions to the education profession through the Outstanding First Year Teacher Award.