California Association for Employment in Education

About Us

The California Association for Employment in Education (CAEE) is a consortium of personnel administrators from school districts and educational employers and career counselors from institutions of higher education that prepare and train educators. A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and ethical conduct in recruitment and employment, CAEE’s goal is to "make connections" between teacher preparation and employment.

Mission Statement

The mission of CAEE is to link colleges, universities, school systems, students and education professionals for the purpose of employment in the education field.

Why does CAEE exist?

  • to facilitate communication and dissemination of information on recruitment and employment in education
  • to conduct conferences, workshops, and similar training
  • to prepare publications on educational employment as appropriate
  • to assist members to become more effective in their profession
  • to facilitate communication among school districts and educational employers, county offices of education and institutions of higher education

CAEE is a volunteer organization which relies on the participation of numerous educational employment professionals. Together we have built an organization dedicated to serving the children of California through an outstanding teaching force.