California Association for Employment in Education

Tips for Candidate Job Fair Success

  • Candidates who already possess teaching and/or services credentials and those who will be receiving their credentials before the next school year are highly encouraged to attend.
  • Candidates who will not be receiving their credentials can also attend the fair to network and get acquainted with the overall process of a teacher recruitment fair. Just be sure to indicate when you plan to receive your credential on your resume and when talking with recruiters at the fair.
  • Go to the CAEE website ( to research school districts which are of interest to you. Become familiar with district demographics, district mission/ philosophy, enrollment trends, and other topics of interest to you.
  • Fill out the student/candidate admission form, print it, and bring it with you to the fair.
  • Prepare your resume, have it critiqued by a career counselor and plan to bring a good supply of resumes.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Review standard questions, role-play with friends, and prepare questions to ask school district personnel.
  • Plan to wear professional attire. Remember, first impressions count, even if you are just gathering information.
  • Plan for childcare if needed. Bringing children to a job fair is not appropriate.
  • Find the Admission Form on the CAEE website. Complete, print and bring the form to the fair, along with the admission fee, if needed.
  • Packets of information to provide to school districts: Your resume and three recent letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be written by master teacher(s), university supervisor(s), or other professionals who have observed you teaching or working with students. Keep your original letters and make copies for the fair. While not all school districts require them, you may wish to prepare and submit a cover letter or letter of interest with these materials.
  • Your name should be on each document in case they get separated. Your cover letter (if you prepare one) should be on top, followed by your resume and letters of recommendation.
  • Indicate on your resume which grade(s), grade range(s), or levels you wish to teach and the institution through which and type of credential you expect to receive if your credential is in process.
  • Bring a professional case to hold your documents as well as paper and writing implements for note-taking and completing employment applications.
  • You should dress professionally for the fair. Slacks, shirts, ties, skirts, and/or pant suits are strongly recommended to make a best first impression on prospective employers. It is always preferred that you over dress rather than under dress.
  • Do not bring parents, spouses or children to the fair. This is a professional job search event.
  • Be yourself and demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence! A career fair can be intimidating. It is normal to feel a bit nervous. Keep in mind that district administrators want to hire confident individuals who have a passion for teaching and who will present themselves as competent and enthusiastic in the classroom.
  • Collect business cards and make notes about conversations with administrators and/or recruiters.
  • Ask administrators what the hiring process involves and what their expected timelines are for hiring in their district.
  • You may wish to send thank you notes to district officials you interacted with at the fair and reiterate your interest and enthusiasm for a teaching position. Typed or handwritten notes are best, but email notes are acceptable if that is the preferred method of communication for the administrator.